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Check out an AFNAP first, a PSA focused on the men who purchase sex from adolescent girls.


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Working to Stop the Prostitution of Children in Georgia

Since 2007, youthSpark's A Future. Not A Past.campaign has been working to stop the prostitution of children in Georgia through groundbreaking research that drives strategies of prevention, intervention, and education. Every year, more than 28,000 men in Georgia knowingly or unknowingly have sex with prostituted adolescent girls. Unless we work together, that number will only continue to grow.

It is the mission of A Future. Not A Past. to protect and inspire hope in our girls, the true victims of this illicit practice�as well as to disable demand and prosecute to the fullest extent the pimps and johns who exploit them.

Promises Kept in Atlanta

Atlanta officials made a promise to fight the growing issue of child sex trafficking, and especially to protect vulnerable LGBT youths. The city has worked hard to keep those promises, obtaining convictions of pimps and johns who engage in the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

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Wisconsin County Supervisor Caught in Online Prostitution Sting

La Crosse County Supervisor Bill Brockmiller answered an online prostitution advertisement. When he arrived at a local motel, he was arrested instead, along with five other men.

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Human Trafficker Guilty On All Counts

Steven Donald Lemery was recently found guilty on multiple counts of human trafficking, aggravated child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes and pandering by compulsion. This case represents one of the first convictions for human trafficking of male children.

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Child Sex Trafficking: America’s Dark Secret

The sexual trafficking of children is a growing problem in the United States, and in Atlanta. Fortunately, there are more and more resources being used in the fight against child sex trafficking, and a growing number of advocacy groups joining the fight.

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An Interview with Keisha Head

Keisha Head is a passionate advocate for survivors of sex trafficking, as well as a survivor herself. �I am not a survivor because I escaped something horrific,� she said, �I am a survivor because I allowed my pain and losses to transform me into God’s instrument of greatness.�

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Georgia and the Growing Problem of Child Sex Trafficking

An awakening in Atlanta has led to wide-scale collaboration among child advocates, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, court officials, churches and faith-based organizations in order to end child sex trafficking and to get help for the young victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Some 7,200 men knowingly or unknowingly buy sex from adolescent girls in Georgia monthly, [...]

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Trafficked Washington Girls Sue Backpage.com

Three teenaged girls are suing Backpage.com, stating that the website profits from the sexual trafficking of children and does nothing to stop it. Each of the three girls were commercially sexually exploited by pimps through Backpage.

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Georgia Sex Trafficker Found Guilty

Solomon Mustafa of Stone Mountain, Georgia, a man who enslaved and abused young women, forcing them into prostitution, was found guilty of sex trafficking, kidnapping, transporting women across state lines for prostitution, document servitude, and enticement of a minor for sexual activity.

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